Monday, March 3, 2014

What a month!!

Wow! A tremendous amount has happened in the past month. I had my gall bladder removed January 31 following a horrendous attack on the 30th, which, btw, was Phil's birthday and during a snow storm! The following week he had a heart cath because he hadn't been feeling well (he has three stints from 10 years ago). So then, guess what? It was recommended he have a 4-way bypass as soon as possible.

I had two tickets to see the Eagles on the 28th, the next open space was the 26th. No brainer! Sell the tickets!!

So, now we are home. It's a challenge so far. Men are horrible patients!

One of the challenges is what to eat? Even though I thought we were eating well, we apparently were not. I blame it on eating out and eating packaged foods. So it's time to go fresh and cooking every night.

I wasn't expecting him home yesterday, so I really wasn't quite prepared. I ran to the grocery and came home with a Harris Teeter plain rotisserie chicken. Probably not the best thing, but I didn't have anything to feed him! We had chicken and roasted carrots.

Breakfast today was two organic, free range chicken eggs (raised and gathered from a co-worker), scrambled with low fat cheese and three slices of turkey bacon. Not bad. I used the rest of the chicken to make chicken salad. I added two organic eggs, carrots, red onion, and craisons. He had that for lunch with mixed greens.

I put a frozen turkey breast in my new slow cooker. I season it with Chef Prudhomme's poultry seasoning. For the side, I was thinking about frozen broccoli but I found some frozen corn in the freezer. I found this recipe from Budget Savvy Diva. I cooked it enough to have grill marks on it, almost like grilled corn. Yum! That was really good!!

Anyway, Phil is going to get better....if I don't pull my hair out in the meantime. We are going to eat better, exercise more, and both of us will lose weight. We're in a win-win situation!

I'm going to try to document our meals. I have been taking pictures of some of the Pinterest recipes I've been making but not getting around to blogging. So maybe I will get around to it this week.

Thanks everyone for listening! Wish us luck! :)


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